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On 13/02/13, the prestigious scientific journal BMJ - British Medical Journal published the first scientific case-report about the use of Hyperoil®. This scientific publication concerns the "diabetic foot" vascular ulcers treatment.

Dr. M. Letizia Iabichella, a specialist in Angiology and Vulnology, is the author of this case-report: "The use of an extract of Hypericum perforatum and Azadirachta indica in advanced diabetic foot: an unexpected outcome" documenting the "clinical unexpected outcome" of Hyperoil® -based treatment of complicated vascular ulcers of the foot in a diabetic patient with complex clinical management, as happens often with "diabetic foot ulcers", presenting bone exposure, extension tendency, and susceptibility to recurrent infections.

In this case reports, it is demonstrated the clinical efficacy of using Hyperoil® and its administration in "self-medication at home" by family members.
It is the first medical evidence that shows a remarkable and significant result with a multifunctional self-sufficient advanced dressing of vegetal origin, Hyperoil®, in "diabetic foot" vascular ulcers.

The use of Hyperoil® to treat diabetic vascular ulcers, which often require a multidisciplinary clinical-therapeutic specialist approach, proves to be an "appropriate solution for home dressing", by family members of the patient, thereby simplifying its management, often difficult also for the physician and the specialist in wound care, since it's a disease known for its remarkable use of specialist health resources and high economic costs.

It is well-known that diabetic patients with vascular ulcers of the lower extremities have a poorer clinical outcome and a one of the most complex and difficult clinical-therapeutic management.

This clinical report documents that Hyperoil® opens up a new opportunity in the view of wound care management thanks to its effectiveness and application simplicity in a diabetic disease complicated by chronic vascular ulcers, which is often exhausting for the everyday life of the patient, his family and for the possibilities of social and health care services.

Hyperoil® "per la medicina basata sull'evidenza" (Evidence Based Medicine) is an effective support for the physician in the management of "diabetic foot" complications and especially it contributes to significantly improve the Quality of life of patients suffering from diabetic vascular ulcers.

A case study in the process of being printed confirms that the data observed in this first publication is a specification of Hyperoil® effectiveness and countless successes are reported to us daily by those who independently use it to treat ulcerative skin diseases.

The use of an extract of Hypericum perforatum and Azadirachta indica in advanced diabetic foot: an unexpected outcome -- Iabichella 2013 -- BMJ Case Reports

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